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By 2025, it is Blessings Working Together’s strategic vision to establish an emergency and transitional housing facility to serve pregnant and/or parenting young women and their child(ren) who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness after a crisis (e.g., domestic violence, addiction, displacement) for up to 24 months as she transitions back to an independent lifestyle. BTW will acquire multiple residential living units, each able to accommodate several women and their child(ren).


The transitional housing facility will provide life skills and job training, quality childcare, education and vocational resources, employment placement, medical and mental health services, parenting and family engagement strategies, and financial literacy – all resources women need who are seeking to change their lives and become self-sufficient.

Your blessing means safety and resources for pregnant and/or parenting young women and their child(ren). Your support provides a place to heal and helps them as they work to become economically self-sufficient. 

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